Title Sequence from Ali Gray on Vimeo.

Category: Animation / Motion Design

Created Using: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Logic
Date: 2011

Getting into motion design and animation in college, I wanted to create a title sequence from the start. With this piece for an After Effects class, I finally had the opportunity! Although at the time I didn’t have a friend shooting a film and I find recreating things that have already been done a bit cliche (aka for a Hollywood movie), a fake title sequence was in order. The film in this animation is imaginary, and the only real person credited is me.

In creating this piece, I was going for something fun, colorful, jazzy, and full of high-energy animation.

The music is “Rythme Gitan” by Latché Swing (jamendo.com/en/artist/latche_swing_(3)).


Title Sequence Storyboards, motion design