This was a digital art installation presented for the First Friday Art Walk in downtown Missoula, Montana. It was a collaboration between my fellow University of Montana Media Arts students Lindy Jones, Sari Jones, Preston Schulz, Chelsey Von Ehrenkrook, and myself (aka “The Dream Team”).

Vertical Projection, Large Stacked Boxes, Lantern with Spotlight

The Bad Contraption 1, motion design

Category: Digital Art Installation / Motion Design / Graphic Design

Created Using: Illustrator, After Effects, LED spotlights & lightstrips, paper lanterns, boxes, duct tape, paper, TVs, projectors
Date: 2010

Our goal for The Bad Contraption was to create a space in which people could get lost; a surreal, topsy-turvy world.

It consisted of two animations projected onto the walls, large stacks of boxes with patterns taped onto them placed around the room, colored LED lightstrips and spotlights, huge hanging paper lanterns, five televisions which also showed the animations, and piles upon piles of small pink and white boxes viewers could interact and play with. It was held at the Badlander Bar.

Photo credits: Jesse Spaulding, Sari Jones, and Ali Gray. Animation Video Credits: The Dream Team. Video credit: Jesse Spaulding.

Stacked Boxes with Spotlight and LED Lightstrip

The Bad Contraption 2

Main Projection Animation

The Bad Contraption 3, motion design

Stacked Boxes with LED Lightstrip, Lantern with Spotlight, Bar

The Bad Contraption 4

Televisions with Animations, Lantern with Spotlight

The Bad Contraption 5

Televisions, Lantern with Spotlight, Vertical Projection, Stacked Boxes

The Bad Contraption 6, motion design

Small Stacked Boxes

The Bad Contraption 9

“The Dream Team”

The Dream Team

Advertising Poster

The Bad Contraption Poster

Main Animation Projection

The animation is 10 1/2 minutes long, but feel free to scrub through it! Some of the pizzazz of the original color was lost in the compression. :(

The Bad Contraption: Main Video from Ali Gray on Vimeo.

Vertical Animation Projection

The Bad Contraption: Particles from Ali Gray on Vimeo.

Installation Video

A quick video showing the installation. The spotlights on the wall behind the boxes and on the giant paper lanterns weren’t up yet, so the video is dark, less colorful and doesn’t look like the finished product, but still good to see!

The Bad Contraption from Ali Gray on Vimeo.