Rusalka: The Little Mermaid Story – Set Backdrop Motion Design Videos

This is one of 16 videos I made for the University of British Columbia’s production of Antonín Dvorák’s opera Rusalka: The Little Mermaid Story, February 9-12, 2012. The videos were projected onto the back of the set behind the stage. I made them in After Effects, using various effects and particles.

Here’s one of the videos, shortened a bit:

Rusalka Opera, University of British Colombia, Set Projection Video from Ali Gray on Vimeo.

Categories: Motion Design

Created Using: Photoshop, After Effects
Date: 2012

Here’s the program (which I didn’t design, but am credited as “Ali Gray: Motion Graphic Artist”):

Rusalka Program 1, motion design

Ruslaka Program 2Rusalka Program 3

*Note: I did not photograph the image in the video above nor do I own it or any right to it. It was simply given to me by the client to use for the videos. Also, I did not design any part of this program, nor own any rights to it.

For more information on the opera, please view this article: (the “state of the art projection technology” mentioned refers to these videos).