Pretty autumn hike at Silver Star Mountain. Fun had by all!  Up and up we go.  Chipmunks getting a little too friendly. But so cute!  Moonrise over the mountains. #nofilter  Duck family enjoying the sunset.    Lazy #caturday in the garden.   #throwbackthursday to that time I lived in Wyoming and got to see these guys regularly.  Beach dayz.  Lovin' the high alpine last weekend.
 Raven over Mt Hood  Ice peaks.  Winter wonderland in the summer. ❄️    Windmill in Holland, Michigan.  Love those succulents. The arid room was my favorite part of the big public garden in Grand Rapids, MI.  Mountains both large and small.  Framed.  That blue ice, though.  Taking advantage of being the only person at the top of Cooper Spur on Mt Hood today with some silly photos (and apparently silly faces).

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