Wildflower summer #tbt  The view from Andy's work is much nicer than the view from my work. #jealous  Me where I'm the happiest – on a mountain with skis on my feet. ⛷  ☀️⛷  Got my first tattoo today!  Ski toured up to Illumination Rock today. So amazing! Of course I was the only woman over there, though. (Don't get me wrong, there were other fantastic ladies climbing and skiing elsewhere on the mountain! Just not one of the 10-15 people over at Illumination.)  Happy springtime cat.   A sea of yellow.   Spring blooms.  Spring makes for lots of slightly sketchy creek crossings. Don't slip, Andy!
 Mountain in the fog. #tbt  The beargrass is out! Summer is here.  Throwback to Dog Mountain a few weeks ago. Daydreaming at my desk....  Looking up at Castle Crags from Illumination Rock. And that guy I like.  My ski partner in crime.  #throwbackthursday to that time I sat on the top of Palmer lift at Timberline last spring. Wish I was there today!  Finding beauty right outside the front door. There's always something worth seeing if you pay attention.  Wildflowers galore at Dog Mountain for my birthday yesterday! So grateful to live in such a beautiful place.  A love for growing things.  I've been spending more time in my garden this year (after taking a gardening class and getting to a point where I actually feel confident), and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love observing all the parts of a healthy garden, from life in the soil to watching my little plants break free from their seeds and grow every day. It's fulfilling, and inspires me to eat and live a healthier lifestyle. And I love the beauty of the individual plants, and the plants as a community.  Spring (no, scratch that – it feels like summer) down in the valleys, but up on the mountain winter is still holding on.

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