Photographer Website

Freelance Photographer Website, web design

Category: Web Design / Graphic Design

Created Using: Photoshop
Date: 2013

This is a freelance website I designed for a talented photographer in the Missoula area. Due to certain circumstances, I couldn’t see the website through to completion. I do however still like the initial design I’d done, although she has asked to remain anonymous. Her logo would appear in the blank white circle in the design.

The goal of this design was to create a somewhat rustic yet still professional website that added to the photographer’s style rather than distracted from it, and also to convey her style in a way that a plain white, contemporary design couldn’t.

Custom Furniture Website

Freelance WoodNArt furniture website
Freelance WoodNArt furniture website

Category: Web Design / Graphic Design

Created Using: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress
Date: 2014

This freelance website is for a Missoula craftsman who makes handcrafted, custom furniture. He wanted something simple and clean that didn’t clutter up and distract from his beautiful pieces. The website is fully responsive and built on WordPress.

I also designed his logo and business cards (pictures coming soon).